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Dave Ramsey's SmartVestor Pro

Congratulations on taking control of your financial life! Whether you attended Financial Peace University or read The Total Money Makeover, you are now looking for a financial advisor who can help you implement the strategies you learned from Dave Ramsey. The advisors of Capital Asset Management are happy to participate as SmartVestor Professionals. Whatever stage of your financial life you are in today, the experienced professionals at Capital Asset Management are pleased to offer complimentary, no obligation consultations to help you understand how we can help you reach your financial goals. When you schedule with us, you won't be visiting with just a sales person; but, you will meet with a Certified Financial Planner professional who has the education and experience to understand your situation no matter how simple or complex.

Please call us today (or use the Schedule An Appointment button above) to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation introductory consultation with us. As a SmartVestor Pro and Certified Financial Planner practioner, we are just as interested in your success as you are.

Working with an advisor that subscribes to the SmartVestor Pro network cannot guarantee investment success or that financial goals will be achieved. There can be no assurance that working with a SmartVestor Pro will produce or achieve better results than working with an advisor not affiliated with the SmartVestor Pro Program. Advisors pay a fee to belong to the SmartVestor Pro program. Dave Ramsey and the Dave Ramsey SmartVestor Pro program is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by FSC Securities Corporation.