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Taking Charge of Your Retirement Planning

September 28, 2016

Planning for RetirementRetirement — relaxing in a summer home, traveling the country in an RV, playing with the grandkids, or spending time enjoying the things and people you love. Although retirement might seem like a far-off dream, it will be here sooner rather than later.

The key to retirement is preparation. The adage of, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” rings true even for retirement planning.

“When it comes to personal finances, many people are at a loss of where to start or even what questions to ask in order to develop a plan to take them from where they are today to where they want to be in the future,” said Doug Oliver, a wealth manager at Capital Asset Management.

To help our customers better prepare, we’ve created a self-directed financial planning process.

“Our self-directed financial planning program provides people the opportunity to put together a financial plan on their terms without any fees and without involving a financial professional initially. Later, if they’d like professional input to help them maximize the impact of their plan, the program allows you to pull in the professional's perspective and practical assistance,” Doug said.

This process includes three steps:

  1. Participants will register for a lab, which is an online guided tour, on our website, where they’ll create a personalized financial retirement plan.
  2. During the lab, participants will complete a personalized financial retirement plan at their own pace. For those that need help along the way, there are chat resources to help guide the process.
  3. Finally, once their plan is completed, they’ll be able to decide whether to contact our team at Capital Asset Management to implement the plan or not.

“This program is a great way to increase the odds of a person’s financial success,” said Doug.

To help increase the odds of financial success, take charge of your retirement planning. To register for the self-directed financial planning program, visit Capital Asset Management’s website.